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How to become an influencer on Web3?

Web3 presents a series of opportunities as well as challenges for established and aspiring influencers. Compared to Web 2.0, which brought about the phenomenon of influencer economy, Web3 is much more flexible yet robust. Because it has numerous new features and the associated smart contracts vary greatly, those who can leverage its power well can ecllipse the competition, while those who make mistakes may find the experience frustrating.

In this guide, we go over the key steps that one should be mindful of in becoming an influencer on Web3.

STEP 1: Familiarize with key features of Web3 for influencers

With Web3, an influencer has full control over his/her branding. When properly deployed with a no-code service such as FeverTokens, the influencer's Web3 platform gives him/her:

  • Full ownership of all associated smart contracts
  • Independence from third-party platforms (thus cannot be censored, demonetized, or banned)
  • Full control of smart contract configurations (e.g. royalties)
  • Options to enable and disable features conditionally
  • Unique designs

STEP 2: Choose a solid no-code Web3 service

The smart contracts with which NFTs are minted determine their technical security. Needless to say, a smart contract written without care may be exploited after the NFTs are created.

Note: Those who only wish to monetize their community with NFTs could use third-party platforms such as OpenSea. However, they lose ownership of the underlying smart contracts and misses out on features that make Web3 great.

One option that an influencer has is to hire an expert in smart contract development. However, this may be uneconomical and at times inconvenient.

Another option is to use a public no-code service such as FeverTokens, where the influencer or his/her assistant can design and deploy an NFT marketplace and Web3 community using a simple user interface (UI).

We recommend that influencers avoid experimenting with codes found on public forums unless s/he fully understandings the languages and functions in the smart contracts. Severe financial loss may be at stake.

STEP 3: Engage using Web3

Influencers can engage with their community using Web3 features. Some examples of this aspect has been discussed in this guide. They include

  • Allowing the community to contribute their contents as NFTs
  • Granting exclusive access to premium community members
  • Polling using blockchain / NFTs
  • Leverage a growing list of free and paid tools to enrich the community's Web3 experience