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How can I become an NFT artist?

Following the NFT craze in the last few years, many are asking the question: How can I become an NFT artist? As the craze cools down, it is actually a better time to become an NFT artist.

NFT is a medium with many advantages for artists compared to conventional channels. However, the days when buyers blindly bought anything sold as β€œart” without artistic value are over. Real artists who many arts that the market appreciates have a better chance to stand out.

In this guide, we go over the process to become an NFT artist. Before we start, however, just make sure that you are creating art. If not, find your niche and practice first.

STEP 1: Understand the NFT market for arts​

NFT is a medium. Nevertheless, the NFT art market has its own characteristics. For example, the buying demographic tends to be younger and more tech-savvy than patrons of conventional art galleries.

STEP 2: Identify your community​

To success in marketing your NFT art, you need to identify the specific segment of the NFT art market that is most likely to appreciate the type of art that you create. This allows you to market your art more effectively.

Optionally, it may also be a good idea to adapt your art to this market segment. In this, we are not suggesting that you must go out of your comfort zone.

STEP 3: Convert your art into NFTs​

For an artist, there are three questions to ask before delving into creating NFTs for their art:

Which features are available and which do you want to include?​

NFT as a medium for art brings many unique features. For example, the artist can set a royalty scheme whereby s/he earns royalties from transactions of his/her art on the secondary market. It is also possible to make your NFT art exclusive to certain buyers (e.g. whitelisting your most valued fans).

How are you going to convert your art into NFTs?​

There is always the possibility to code the smart contract on one's own, and there are numerous third-party marketplaces. However, it can be challenging for an artist to write an advanced smart contract, while third-party marketplaces keep control of the smart contracts and lack many features.

We recommend using a no-code service that enables advanced smart-contracting such as FeverTokens. With a simple UI, you can deploy your own NFT marketplace just like using WordPress. We also have a theme store and smart contract store for add-ons.

Where are you going to sell your NFT art?​

If you chose FeverTokens, you can still sell your NFT art outside your own NFT marketplace. As you are the owner of all smart contracts deployed using FeverTokens' service, all NFTs are tradable on third-party platforms in the secondary market, too.

Meanwhile, the artist can set restrictions on who can buy his/her NFT art and where these NFTs can be traded.

STEP 4. Grow you community​

An advantage in using FeverTokens to create your NFT art is that you can keep and grow your community.

You own all the smart contracts deployed using FeverTokens, and you can design a unique UI for your NFT marketplace that stands out. You can also allow your community to create their own NFTs, to vote using blockchain / NFTs, and to give exclusive access to some of your premium members.

In contrast, with third-party platforms, the artist doesn't have ownership of all the smart contracts and cannot choose a unique design. All communications and indeed the availability depends on the good grace of the platform.

With the unique advantages that owning an NFT marketplace brings, you can grow your art community and become more successful over time.