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How to grow and protect your community as an NFT artist?

NFT as a medium for art has immense potentials to empower real artists. It makes authenticating art work much easier and gives the artist the option to set royalties for the secondary market. If one chooses to use a feature-rich no-code service such as FeverTokens, it is also possible to leverage Web3 and blockchain to engage, grow, and protect one's community.

In this guide, we go over three steps that an NFT artist can take in doing so.

STEP 1: Ensure the security and integrity of all smart contracts

Since all NFTs exist on blockchains, the smart contracts with which they are minted determine their technical security. Needless to say, a smart contract written without care may be exploited after the NFTs are created.

One option that an aspiring NFT artist has is to hire an expert in smart contract development. However, this may be uneconomical and at times inconvenient.

Another option is to use a public no-code service such as FeverTokens, where the artist or his/her assistant can design and deploy an NFT marketplace and create NFTs from the artist's creations using a simple user interface (UI).

We recommend that NFT artists avoid experimenting with codes found on public forums unless s/he fully understandings the languages and functions in the smart contracts. Severe financial loss may be at stake.

STEP 2: Create one's own branding

An advantage in operating one's own NFT marketplace is that the artist can easily create and manage his/her own branding. Unlike third-party platforms, where all "sellers" are limited to the same theme, an artist have much more customization options.

STEP 3: Engage using Web3

Moreover, we allow users to engage with their community using Web3 features. Some examples of this aspect has been discussed in this guide. They include

  • Allowing the community to contribute their contents as NFTs
  • Granting exclusive access to premium community members
  • Polling using blockchain / NFTs
  • Leverage a growing list of free and paid tools to enrich the community's Web3 experience

STEP 4: Own your brand

The NFT artist owns all smart contracts deployed using FeverTokens. This means that s/he is in full control of his/her brand as well as his/her community.

There is no ambiguity as to the origin of authentic art pieces by the artist as a result.

Hence, it is very easy to authenticate all art works on the market.