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Customize the main sections of your NFT marketplace

Following the guide on the general layout of your custom NFT marketplace, in this guide we delve into the main sections in your UI.

STEP 1. Customize app title and description

You can edit the Title and Description of your NFT marketplace using the Customize UI form. At the present time, only texts are allowed.

Title & description

STEP 2. Edit banner image

Optionally, you can add up to 2 (two) images to the banner. They will be displayed in boxes as below:

Banner with logos

You can edit the texts to be displayed in the footer section of your NFT marketplace. At the present time, only texts are allowed.

Note: You can remove the Powered by FeverTokens mention in the footer with a paid plan.

Footer texts

In the next guide, we go over the optional sections in your custom NFT marketplace.